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Our recommendation

Capture all prospective customers

Japanese web pages on your web site

It is most important approach including Japanese pages on your web site.

When our clients contacted prospective customer in Japan, customers will consult the clients' web site to know what the companies are doing. When they found Japanese pages on our clients' site, they believe the companies are serious about the business in Japan. In other words, customers' interests would be lost if the web sites are only in foreign languages.

There is one more important reason of publishing Japanese web pages. Japanese customers will tend to search only in Japanese pages to find exact products and technologies on the search engine such as Yahoo and Google. In order to respond to this demand, search engines in Japan will show Japanese pages at the top portion of search result. Even if our clients improved SEO (Search Engine Optimization), they will not be listed in the top page. Followings are our recommended procedure to make effective Japanese pages.

Make Japanese pages

Make Japanese pages including at least fundamental information. They are Company profiles, Industrial fields, Products, Major customers, and what the company emphasize, high quality, low price, fast development, etc. AMPLIO provide total support on designing your Japanese web pages with our partner companies. Please refer to our Web design pages for your considerations.

It is most valuable to define contact window in Japan. Customers will trust our clients by communicating in Japanese with actual address and phone number in Japan.

AMPLIO also advise how to be hit by the search engines. Placing proper keywords on the pages, registering to the industrial databases in Japan, etc. After some period from uploading the pages, the Japanese searching engine would hit your Japanese pages.

Link from main pages

Slightly modify existing pages so as to link to above Japanese pages. For example, visitors can see company profile in Japanese from existing Company Profile page by clicking JAPANESE button.

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