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Procurement support

Products and Technologies from Japan

AMPLIO Look into the market and look for the best business partner in Japan for our clients. AMPLIO provide an expedited purchasing and development process with close communication between our clients and venders.

There are a lot of superior fundamental technologies in Japan. Also, there are mountains of companies that have excellent processes in production. AMPLIO introduce the proper company to work with our clients.

When our clients want to purchase products from Japan, AMPLIO advice proper suppliers according to our Clients' requirements. In case it is more valuable, AMPLIO recommend proper vender to develop the product in custom order basis.

Delivery Control

When foreign companies directly deal with Japanese venders, it is hard to manage shipping and delivery transactions from overseas. In that case, AMPLIO provide proper management of production and shipping according to our clients' request. Basically, we recommend assigning experienced exporter for repeated business.

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