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Industrial standard

When someone will start business in foreign countries, it is essential to realize the industrial standard of those countries. However industrial standard should be common in the world, there are a lot of actual differences. AMPLIO advise the standard of the industrial field and provide enough information for our clients' business in Japan.


There are a lot of unique regulations for each industry in Japan because of cultural and historical reason. For example, mains frequency in Japan is divided into two areas of 50 Hz and 60 Hz that requires quite different approach of products design. AMPLIO will provide enough information and advise to our clients how to develop products into Japanese market in lowest cost.

Regal applications

There are many strict rules and need Japanese documents in regal application in Japan. AMPLIO provide proper assistance in the application of Safety regulations and Environmental regulations.


In most case, Japanese instruction manual is necessary for Japanese market. Also, product itself should be localized in usability, annotation, packages, etc. For some specific products, software/firmware should be localized for Japanese market. AMPLIO will advise our clients' best solution for Japanese market.

Products evaluation

AMPLIO provide proper evaluation and let our clients obtain enough performance in reasonable price.

Incoming Inspections

Sometimes, quality level of the products may not comply with our clients' requirement. Also, sometimes our clients need selection from the batch in Japan. In that unfortunate occasion, AMPLIO will provide inspection and selection work with our co-operative companies.

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